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My restoration project of a classic 1973 Buick Riviera "Boattail"




boattail.se  is a web site dedicated to the classic Boattail Riviera by Buick. 


The main intension with this Site is sharing
information about various restoration projects on my 1973 Riviera, as well as sharing info and photos from activities associated with the car.




The photo to the right was taken at a US Car Meet in the town of Uddevalla, on the west coast of Sweden. This was in August of 2007.




But the story of me and my Boattail began in January of 2000. On this Site you can follow the restoration steps from a Riviera in "daily driver condition" to a "nice, almost show condition classic Boattail"



I also report from various car meets, exhibitions and field trips that I attend with the Riviera, during the summer season here in Sweden.




Please don't hesitate to contact me if you like at  


Or the new owner since August 2012, Röime Jonsson at




Enjoy your visit!


























After careful consideration, I decided to let go of my Boattail in August of 2012


The decision was not easy, considering
that I have owned it for over twelve years and put a lot of work and dedication to the project.

But the passion faded with time and the last three years another old passion, motorcycle riding, became stronger and unfortunately there wasn’t enough time for both

So rather than heaving the Riviera just parked in the garage, I felt it would be better that somebody with the right passion took over the project.

The car has now a new, very dedicated owner, who by the way doesn’t live far from here.
His name is Röime Jonsson and he can be contacted at

Röime sent me a couple of photos of the Boattail at its new home port.
He also owns another vintage car, a Volvo P1800 from the 60’s which can be seen on the photos with the Riviera.

To watch them click the image below