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2010-05-23 Tjolöholm Classic Motor with my Boattail Riviera


This year I participated with my Riviera on the annual classic car show held on the gardens of the beautiful castle of Tjolöholm.




Tjolöholm is an old castle situated just north of Varberg and south of Gothenburg, on the west coast of Sweden.


Every year on the last weekend of May, they arrange a classic car show. Me and some friends have visited this exhibition almost every year, but I never before participated with my Riviera. This year I decided that it was time.  












Tjolöholm Castle



The year was 1904, and the castle, church and worker’s village had just been completed.
Blanche Dickson, widow of the wealthy businessman James Fredrik Dickson, lived in the magnificent castle.
In six years she and the young architect Lars Israel Wahlman (1870– 1952) had created one of Sweden’s most remarkable buildings.