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2007-06-30 Ronneby Nostalgia Festival with my Boattail Riviera.


Nostalgia Festival is one of the biggest and finest classic car, truck & motorcycle exhibitions in Sweden.




This was the first time I took my Riviera to this show. Next year 2008 I was there again.

Besides the car, truck & motorcycle exhibition on Saturday, there is also a classic rally starting in Ronneby and finishing in the town of Karlskrona.
There they hold a wooden boat exhibition, which is very nice, even if you aren't into boats...
...apart from land yachts like the Riviera that is :-)

Here are some photos from the 2007 event.









Sunday morning, start of the rally to Karlskrona.



Along the way there were a few stops where we had some competing to do. On this stop I had to guess the exact weight of my Riviera, including passengers and everything. Then I drove the Riviera up on a big scale for weighting trucks and got the result. I was close enough :-)












Ronneby Brunnspark



At the end of the 19th century Ronneby Brunn was a famous spa. People went here for the nourishing mineral water as well as the beautiful surroundings.


Ronneby Brunnspark




Karlskrona Naval Museum



Sweden’s Naval Museum lies on the island of Stumholmen in Karlskrona.
The museum can trace its inception to 1752 and relates the history of the Swedish Navy.


Karlskrona Naval Museum