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Painting and detailing the 455 V8 engine of my Riviera.



January 2002 - Engine painting and detailing



I striped all the old blue color from the entire engine. The red color on heads and intake was left on tough, because it was rather recently applied and seemed to be stuck firmly.

My friend Zoran is here cleaning the engine a final time before we apply the primer.

























The engine primed and ready for paint.
























All other engine parts got sand blasted and painted or replaced before I reinstalled everything on the engine.

The same goes for all other parts in the engine compartment.






















Here the engine is ready to be reinstalling in the car.


And this is the final result. Finally the engine compartment looks just as it should.
Even though everything may not be exactly right, down to the smallest detail for a show winner, I am really pleased with the overall result.








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The restoration began in February of 2000



Most parts of the car were restored by July 2006, but as many of you know, there is always something to improve on a project like this.


In this section of the site you will be able to follow some of the various restoration steps of my Boattail.


2000-02  The carburetor


2000-05  The floor


2000-07  Vinyl roof & interior


2001-01  Heads and intake


2001-11  Lifting the engine


2002-01  Engine detailing


2005-01  Body restoration